Sunday, February 1, 2009

ah superbowl...

Go StEeLeRs....! woot-tonight was fun. I honestly am not even a football fan-but of course i'm from pa--so what do u expect? :D There were so many people there tonight--we made a legit meal-steaks-potatoes-green beans-rolls-meatballs-chicken-a ton of snacks...cakes :) and mud dessert---drinks and sweet tea...the boys had it good-and loved it :) We served them and everything--i think it impressed them-some said it went beyond what they did for us-others said it was close-but anyway you look at it-it was a lot of time-and love put into the meal :) Abby, Mary and I did our part-the cakes--which are pictured above. We were quite proud of them. Oh-they need an explanation though :) we have the self explanatory football cake---with the steelers bleachers, and cardinal bleachers on each side. The bottom picture is when they were just made. Anyway--so then we made the faces of everyone who was coming--with their funniest facebook face :) When they came in-we asked what team they were rooting for-and stuck them in the respective stands... :) ahhh happiness.

So we ended up not going to Grace this morning. Mary's phone died-so she didn't wake up. :(I was quite disappointed-but it ended up being good-because we went to campus church-and i needed to hear that message. About how this part of our lives is the preparation. About how its not enough to just pass-or just get by-but that we should  be planning for our future-investing in our education. We should be trying to stretch our minds and be as ready as we can for what God may use us for in the future. PlAnNiNg ahead=being responsible. being purposeful. not procrastinating. studying before hanging out. All these things are things i have been doing a pretty rotten job at recently. I need to be disciplined enough that i chose what I should do above what i want to do. It is so easy to say-this is what I am going to do/be in 4 years, in 7 years, in 23 years...but i'm not going to jump from my current condition-to super wise, disciplined wonder God woman in these years--living an average-mediocre life on a day to day basis. This is a hard reality to grasp. An even harder one to live. 

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