Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things that make me smile:
I-and my friends-made a cakes today-and decorated them uber pretty.
I very well could go snowboarding in five short days.
I have become close to two very precious, pretty and fun roommates :)
I met with my mentor on Friday-and we click so well. She seems so fun-yet she is for real about Jesus.
Tomorrow night promises to be pretty swell...
We watched Little Women tonight. I always wanted to be Amy-
I did my laundry today-purely out of necessity.

I can honestly say I spent way too much time on homework last semester-and way too little this semester :S

to coffee date with my mentor made me uber excited...not only did i learn about her life-and her struggles when she was a freshman-but we also went to barnes and noble and picked out a book to read together-called Having a Mary spirit in a Martha world. I'm excited-it should be good. Oh! Its her 22nd birthday today-so-happy birthday kayla :)

I've been pretty lackadaisical about the whole church thing. It just has been so sparatic-with schedule-campus church-and church hopping. Every church seems to have strengths-but then also big weaknesses-or red flags even. Tomorrow we are going back to Grace Church--which I remember liking best of all-and wanting to try it again. Hmmm...I'm going with Abby, Mary, Caitlin and Aaron-so we will see what they think of it.

I need to tone down the socializing-i just can't say no-

I should be asleep. what is my problem.

-ever and always

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  1. awww little women. good movie. you would have been amy had we ever got around to it.. which reminds me- it's high time we made another music video. i got pretty inspired the other night when we watched casting crowns latest- for Slow Fade song. have you seen it? if not- dooo it!