Tuesday, February 24, 2009

there is nothing better than a good cup of tea-(except a good cup of coffee :) at a unique coffee shop-with friends. an example of such a unique coffee shop is epitomized in a place named the white hart. i heart it--because it is so one of a kind. not only is it the site of an old irish pub--but its character goes beyond that. when you walk in, there is pottery for sale on the one wall...next to the pottery-is the coffee bar-where you can get the white hart brew (so good) or any other various drink--including your choice of over 20 loose leaf teas. next to the coffee bar- a real bar emerges--(they have the red strip beer which is the jamaican national beer-fyi.) the bar tender just adds to the picture. :] -then-if you are hungry-they also make real food. we ordered fries. the girl took out the potato-and put it through a hand chopper-then fried them. soo good--yet so random. the entire back end of the store is filled with books that are for sale...then, beyond the spare room-is this spacious back porch. i imagine groups of friends, sitting out there in the dusk of spring, heads close together as they discuss some revolutionary idea, while sipping african skies tea, or white hart coffee....in the main room...uneven wood board floors, rich wall colors, white pillars, arches, and a fireplace all add the the character of the place. when i was there last night there was a group of musicians playing there fiddles, banjos and guitars. they were absolutely amazing--didn't use a spot of music. talk about atmosphere. unreal...

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