Wednesday, December 2, 2009 what you will

My posting here are so irregular-this should change. One thing I have learned-If I don't write it down-I don't remember...therefore it's a shame not to record ones life.

I am back at Liberty. Two more weeks and I will be out of here... It's a crazy thought, really. I am half way done with my sophomore year of college. Next semester I will be junior status. Where has the time gone? But more than that, how have I used the time that has passed?

I read a quote on the way back from break that made me ponder such a went something like this:

happy the man, and happy he alone who can call today his own; He who is secure within can say, tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.
-John Dryden

-So often I feel as if I live counter to this quote. I'm often putting of until tomorrow what I could do today-I'm often saying I'll do better tomorrow. But this isn't a healthy mindset. There is something to the whole idea of going to bed at night being able to say the words of Mr. Dryden. There is a balance however. It would be easy to think that one is never doing all they could do for our Savior-and therefore get discouraged. A constant discouragement about what is or isn't completed is not a good place to be. It comes down to the heart. Am I seeking to follow my savior every day? If so, he WILL use me...perfection is not a realistic goal--but seeking to glorify God by my life is. If this is my desire, I rest in his grace saying, Lord do what you will, I am yours.