Monday, February 9, 2009

-i have three major tests this week-and i have been studying-yet for the past few hours, this dedication has lagged. i believe i could trace this phenomenon to the fact that I am in my room, which for some reason is the hardest place for me to concentrate-even with my roommate snoozing quietly on the other side of the room...

there is so much information-yet i enjoy learning it, and only wish that i could retain all the information i have been pouring over. what a potentially amazing nurse i would be if i didn't forget? hmmmm...needless to say-the next few days promise to be painful. school. food. exercise. and studying. serves me right for my work ethic for the past month. oh! and i may go to a local coffee shop with jordan tomorrow night-coffee makes everything less painful :) as do friends. 

speaking of jordan, i cut his hair again tonight. it boggles my mind to think he trusted me TWICE with his locks-haha especially with my haphazard pull and snip method of executing a hair cut. i enjoy it-you never now what might happen when i get the scissors :) chuckle. 

happy memories of the day: breakfast with Elena. christina's bucket list :) water chugging contest. haha totally embarrassing myself in the quiet study room... a 45 min class instead of a 3 hr class. eating real food :D doing the Caribbean dance class. singing elephant love melody wayyy loud in abby's car. eating a pickle. cutting hair...

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