Monday, April 13, 2009

The time lapse between my last entry and this one is beyond ridiculous. I get into habits, but I can just as easily get out of the habit.  :S So much has happened over the past month and a half, there is no way I can account for it all~although the lack of documentation is a a bit saddening. But I must start anew somewhere-hence this post---

Yesterday was an interesting Easter. My Easter usually consists of going to church, and having lunch with my extended family at my house. Yesterday, however, my mom left for Europe-so we joourneyed to Washington D.C. to drop her off. While we were in the vicinity, we decided to visit Mark Dunsts church--Capital Hill Baptist. I loved it. It was growing, but not a mega church. It was solid but not dry. It was friendly but not fake. It was deep but not incomprehensible. It was large but still strangely intimate. 

We like it so much, we went back for the evening service---after sitting at Panera and doing homework in the afternoon of course~ :) The evening service showed how much that church was doing--and also how it is possible for a church of 600 members to still feel like family. People shared about the ministries of the church-its present and past members-for the majority of the time. Then they prayed for the concerns. It showed how much of a value they place on not only prayer, but relationships. It was refreshing. It was good. I would go back =)

The time in PA is drawing to a close-I leave to return to LU in just a few short hours---for three more weeks of craziness. Then I will be a sophomore. In college. Weird.  

so long-

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